This is no one. No one is in nowhere.

27th October 2011

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His name was Doom.

He who saw time and saw the world around him in decay, aging.

He who saw love and saw hearts around him being stabbed, unmercilessly.

He saw the light. The light that creates shadows, shadows that give birth to your beloved darkness. Love it because they are hating your love, because your love is a whole world next to a rotten portion of land called hate. Love their hate.

For now, Doom defines you. Doom defines your mood. And reverse it, and reverse it…

This for me, a proof of my arrogance, my ego. For you a confirmation of it. I shall be humble. Yet doomed to never be.

For all I shall understand is all I know.

Holding my knowledge inside a heart with bleeding hands.

Calling out my name upon myself, 

Doom upon myself.

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